You may be aware that at this time, all Dentists in Australia have restrictions placed upon us so that we are limited to only doing emergency treatment. We have been directed to cease all routine Dentistry including check-ups, cleaning, restorations and those procedures that usually make up our working days. However, you don’t have to live with the pain of a toothache during this difficult time. At present, the team at Frenchville Dentists is available to treat those patients who are suffering from acute dental pain or facial swelling. We will provide these services in a safe environment within the limits of the restrictions that are imposed upon us. Primarily, we must avoid performing dental treatment that generates a contaminated spray. This means that we are not able to provide anything more than the removal of teeth or temporary fillings or perhaps medications, and then explain to you what you will require in the future to finalise your treatment. We trust that you will understand that we cannot say when these restrictions will be lifted. As you would expect, if you have a fever, any flu-like symptoms or are in home-isolation, please call us here Frenchville Dentists on 4926 1887 before you attend to your appointment to discuss how we may be able help you.

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At home teeth whitening is a very easy and safe procedure. We recommend a consultation with the dentist to discuss your options. Take home whitening gel gives you the power. Pola Day and Night can be used at any time during the day or night and from anywhere as little as 30 minutes to overnight application. Combined with a desensitising Tooth Mousse gel, the at-home teeth whitening system could be the perfect choice for your professional whitening needs.

1. Consultation with one of our dentists and impression of your teeth to fabricate customised trays. These plastic trays allow for the correct amount of gel to be placed on all surfaces of your teeth whilst preventing leakage to your gums.
2. Custom tray fitting and a discussion about the various methods of usage